RM-20 Sluice Box

RM-20 small multi gold sluice box

This type sluice box is newly developed in our company.

The size is appropriate,the capacity can be same as 1-3 digger digging.

All equipment equipped with gold concentrate collection mat,adjustment supporting legs,clay claw.Pump and hose can be chosen.


Length:195 cm,normally can fix standard car boot.

Light weight

A single person can handle it,total weight 20 kg


120 bucket of material per hour(2-2.5 ton per hour)

Recovery rate

We test the sluice box in different operational circumstances,each recovery rate in testing can reach 98%

Equipped one 1.5” pump system.

There are several ways to operate.

Type 1 . Can use 2 inch trash pump,Need to use small size hose,reduce the water flow

Type 2 1.5 inch small engine and pump,2.5HP