RM-30 standard gold sluice box

RM-30 Gold sluice box(standard form)

The new type RM-30 gold sluice box is the best choices for gold digger which is more suitable in exploration and mining in small mines.

After a long time of testing and improvement,our gold separating chute finally put into the market.The new standard form sluice box is more like a traditional type with the same size.but properties of products are more than most products in the recent markets.

Can be easy to hand 150-200 bucket of raw materials per hour,Even if it is using for mining very fine gold,our products also can keep a high recovery rate and our customers can get more gold

Specification and details

-length is about 2.4 meter (two 1.2 meter chute overlap installation)

-width is about 0.3 meter (the widest part)

-The chute was made by aluminum ,thickness is 3 millimeter

- Total weight is about 29kg

-Equipped with whole set gold mining leather pad

- Aluminum steel mesh screen

-2inch water pump and pipe

-Adjustable aluminum support leg