2.5" mini gold dredge

2.5 inch Ultra Dredge with air compressor & Power Jet

This series of gold dredger is with a smaller volume. The innovative system with unmatched performance is specifically designed for operating in extremely remote and challenging locations. 

It can be easily transported and quickly assembled ,can be equipped with a variety of engines, pumps and compressors , provides different power options to meet individual needs. 

This series of gold dredger is with a more widely new high performance chute recovery system,and gold cushion is in the chute inside. 

Equipped with a large diving suction nozzle (SN) and deep water suction nozzle (PJ) ,the PE horn mouth has greater suction and  unclogging function. 

The dredger is equipped with light PE floating and two- frame component to provide a compact assemble,and the smaller and lighter design is adapt to the small compact truck or SUV trunk.